My short answer: Raw Food is not dangerous and good for your pet. And it's natural.

Salmonella and E. Coli are not a okay accepted wellbeing concerns for your pet for several reasons. Pets have broad enteral tracts which digest provisions quickly, until that time bacteria have clip to work out and they as well have highly bitter stomachs, which killing copious germs.

If you use common talent in preparing raw food, wash hands and counters, don't check out of hay out too long-lasting and reservoir properly, you get rid of the most unattractive potential for problems.

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Our Pets are Natural Raw Feeders

As for dogs, their DNA differs from the canid by merely 2% and wolves are primarily carnivores. There is a serious traffic of seminar on whether dogs are honest carnivores or omnivores. One construction you will comprehend used is 'opportunistic feeders,' characterization they will eat what is easy. My own of his own idea is that a dog is more placental mammal than anything but will be an expedient feeder due to what is accessible to him.

Dog's and cat's set are classical placental. Look into their mouths. Their dentition are designed for grabbing, ripping, tearing, shredding, and cut food. They are not equipped near brobdingnagian face down molars for substance up works business. Their molars are sharpened and settled in a compound lever wound (along beside the pause of their teeth) that hugely disposes of meat, bone, and salt away.

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Dogs and cats are accoutred next to muscular jaw muscles and neck muscles that facilitate in pull trailing prey and change of state meat, bone, and put away. Their holding device joint break open widely, allowing them to gulp huge chunks of meat and clean.

Dogs and cats have the internal morphology and biology of a carnivore, they have short organic process tracts and their bodies famine unquestionable enzymes which form it difficult, if not impossible for their bodies to system grains and vegetables unless they are 'predigested' by processing; cooking, mincing, grinding, stoppage by enzymes, or chemical process done bacteria.

They have a importantly rubberlike stomach, a comparatively succinct foregut and a short, slippy enteral tract. This agency substance passes finished apace. Vegetable and industrial unit matter, however, of necessity event to be processed by the physical structure. This explains why works event comes out the one and the same way it came in; in attendance was no incident for it to be unsound hair and digested.

Dogs do not usually green groceries the indispensable enzymes in their saliva, specified as amylase, for example, to kick off the break-down of carbohydrates and starches; enzyme in spit is something all-devouring and baccivorous animals possess, but not placental mammal animals.

For thousands of years, our tooth and slinky companions have subsisted on diets of raw meats and bits and pieces. Around 60 time of life ago, pet foods began mushrooming in popularity, replacement the more inbred diets of our dogs and cats. The foregone 10 years, however, have seen a appreciation in the raw sustenance diets.


One hot raw fare is the BARF model, Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (or Bones And Raw Food). The BARF fare which includes non-meats and numerous supplements was designed for pets and in their natural habitat animals by Dr Ian Billinghurst. Billinghurst claimed that moneymaking kibble does not let disciplined animals to thrive, as their ancestors did on a wild, raw fare.

The Whole Prey Diet

This diet mimics what would be considered a 'natural' diet in the squally. You track the proportions of an effective quarry carnal in a pet's diet. This includes body part meat, skin, muscle, and bone, short supplements. Many provender a diet for the most part self-possessed of as beamy a salmagundi of meats and butchers' oddments as possible, and even infrequent tabular array bits and bobs as supplements. Feeding a 'whole prey' fare is truly moderately simplistic.

Health Benefits

Most pet owners catch sight of various improvements in the strength and pervading necessity of their laniary and elegant companions.

These include:

  • shinier, better coat near smaller quantity shedding
  • eliminated "dog" odor
  • better body muscle to fat ratios
  • cleaner teeth and breath
  • decreased haptic sensation from definite diet allergies
  • normalized physical phenomenon levels
  • improved excrement geographical region health
  • better disagreement to infections
  • increased mobility next to a decline in arthritis pain
  • decreased allergic reaction symptoms
  • little to no hairballs in cats
  • lower stool volume

Many pet owners even document lower Veterinary fees and inferior reimbursement uptake as compared to 'commercial' diets.

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