Is a scene is truly worth a cardinal words?

If so then whatsoever MySpace pages are regular encyclopedias (*chuckle*)...

Yes it's no concealed that MySpacers of late warmth to mountain up their profiles next to descriptions but it's reasonably manifest that incredibly few of them are alive of freshly how considerably you can do next to a undersized bit of HTML and CSS writing to produce the flourish of those metaphors.

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So... Want to seizure your MySpace friends with some advanced web image skills?

Here are 5 copy-and-paste HTML/CSS codes you can use to do more than a few well-dressed substance with your pics:

First of all, for those who don't know, present are the principle of inserting an logo on your MySpace chart page:

  1. Upload your internal representation to an figurine hosting service look-alike ImageShack or Photobucket

  2. Get the URL (web computer code) of the uploaded image

  3. Modify the following standard by totalling your figurine URL:<img src="YOUR_IMAGE_URL_GOES_HERE">

  4. Copy-and-paste that secret message into any schoolbook box on your MySpace 'Edit Profile' surface.

All done.

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And that's the rudiments. A lot of MySpace users cognise that one. Nuttin' to write out haunt in the order of in attendance.

Looking for thing effusive distinct...?

Well present are 5 holding that you in all likelihood didn't cognize you could do to create your images:

  1. ALIGN TEXT TO THE RIGHT OF THE IMAGE~ Ever wondered how you can get deed to stream along the accurately on the side of your image? Easy. Just use the align="left" dimension in your img tag code. (Since the schoolbook essential gush along the right, the representation must be short of to the left, therefore align="left".) Here's an example of the written communication you'd use to have workbook surge along the right:<img src="image_url" align="LEFT"> ALIGNED TEXT GOES HERE...All record that follows this standard will be wrinkled up on the accurate tenderloin of this representation. To have record lined up along the left line-up of the image, you'd regenerate LEFT with RIGHT.

  2. PUT A SPACE BETWEEN ALIGNED IMAGES AND THE TEXT ~ Okay so you aligned your print. But the matter is immovable precisely up antagonistic the figurine. Dang. Don't poverty that. Well no problem-o... Let's conscionable use a itty-bitty inline CSS codification to intimidate the matter distant. Here's the code:<img src="image_url" align="left" style="MARGIN-RIGHT: 10PX;"> ALIGNED TEXT...Simply renew MARGIN-RIGHT next to MARGIN-LEFT to put rate on the another cross of the sign and set the '10' in 10PX to adjust the size of the spacing in pixels.

  3. APPLY A BORDER ~ Here's the written communication to use to employ a limit about an image:<img src="image_url" style="BORDER: 1PX SOLID BLACK;">Adjust the '1' in 1PX to switch the size of the cutting edge in pixels and renew BLACK with any ex officio web colour entitle (most agreed colour calumny will tough grind approaching red, green, blue, yellow, orange, purple, black, white, gray, etc.)

  4. REMOVE A BORDER ~ Here's the codification to use to expurgate a border line from on all sides an image:<img src="image_url" style="BORDER: 0PX ! IMPORTANT;">This attitude is specially efficient if you utilised that mental representation in a link which will salute a crossing point about the logo by absence.

  5. APPLY A TOOLTIP ~ Well now.. Howza 'bout we get valid fancy and have a insignificant pale tooltip popup when somebody hovers their rodent terminated the image? To do this, you'd use this code:<img src="image_url" title="YOUR_TOOLTIP_MESSAGE_GOES_HERE">Replace YOUR_TOOLTIP_MESSAGE_GOES_HERE with, yup, you guessed it.. your cold tooltip communication.

That's it.

Class discharged.


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