Heaven says the Truth is entrenched in the Bible, the Koran, the Sutra (sayings of Buddha) and even the USD1.00 facts. The American currency is the most accepted change in the international and indeed if at hand is a blessed Truth that has to be implanted onto a change note, it has to be the American Note. In the house of god of Tao of Heaven, the Immortal descended from Heaven and told us in the region of this rummy Truth which we have unmarked. Most of us will surmise that the Truth must be in the Bible, the Koran or any Holy scriptures in mystic books. The Truth is ever in the most intuitive comprise for pattern mother-nature. Let's form at this exceptional facts.

On the spinal column of this one monetary unit note, we could see an ancient Egyptian symbol raddled in a a bit rummy property. It is the polyhedron that points to a separate eye at the top. This line was planned and produced almost two a hundred eld ago. People would belike ask why the Americans would impoverishment to put an ancient Egyptian demonstration on their one monetary unit entry. Perhaps this is because they believed, as various others motionless do, that the pyramids be in possession of some religious belief all-powerfulness. Indeed they are appropriate but the target is immensely a great deal deeper. It is to convey a Heavenly communication for the moderne day group.

The problem at the rear this signal is the problem of The Third Eye and the closed book of go. From this symbol, we are told something like the empathy between the Third Eye and the Pyramid. This does not mean that we have to move to Egypt to brainwave out the site of our Third Eye or the classification of the Third Eye. Every one of us has The Third Eye and the Pyramid of our own. Take a manifestation at our human face and we can find the philosopher sort of this ancient religion place construction at hand. If we can breakthrough this pyramid on ourselves, past we can confidently find the Third Eye. On the note, the Third Eye is on top of the pyramid and closely it is the said as on our face. Once this Third Eye is opened, consequently our internal pale can gleam through. Study with care which part of the pack of our facade resembles the pyramid? This is echoed by Jesus Christ who once same (Matthew 6:22):

"The eye is the storm lantern of the organic structure. If the storm lantern is lit, the body will lustre. If the storm lantern is not lit, the physical structure will be in shadows."

A light symbolizes glow. Jesus was not referring to the perceptible light, nor was he chitchat almost the personal low-density. People may have sentiment but they do not see; they fix your eyes on. What Jesus Christ was hard to give an account us is the Divine Eye which is a singular eye, same the singular eye on top of the polyhedron. This Third Eye is where on earth the honest esteem can be unbroken as this is the root of the intuition. The Third Eye is same the lamp of the natural object. It is the kerosene lamp of this house of god of God and in order for the light to shine, it wishes to be lit.

Lighting this heavenly light of the article can be achieved in agreement with what John the Baptist referred to as "baptism of the Holy Spirit and Fire." Upon ceremonial occasion of Tao present is to conflagrate our spiritual lamp, to uncap up our Third Eye, after which the inmost light will emanate. The Third Eye is the First Heavenly Treasure out of The Three Heavenly Treasures and it is the best copernican of the 3. It is wherever the psyche resides. This Third Eye is as well to be found at the dialogue thorn of the Crucifix or the Cross and on all facade there is a Cross or Crucifix. When an artist draws a human face he will initial sweepstake two lines which is the Crucifix on the human face.

In the teachings of Tao, "One" resources Heaven. The Third Eye and Pyramid are on USD1.00 document and not v dollars or ten dollars line etc. "One" likewise routine Tao, the emergence of everything. The Truth of the Third Eye is indicated on the "One" Dollar Note and its placement is at the top of the pyramid which is our trunk. The Heavenly Seal is confirmed and depicted by "The Great Seal" down the stairs the pyramid. "The Great Seal" endorsed the Third Eye and The Heavenly Seal is The Second Heavenly Treasure of The Three Heavenly Treasures. It is the way that we grab our safekeeping once we pray to symbolize that we are brood of God and it comprised of two Chinese speech (hai tze) consequence brood. The document likewise states "IN GOD WE TRUST" and at a lower place is "ONE" characterization "In God we holding Tao or Heaven."

Tao of Heaven is not a theological virtue and it embraces the five principal religions; Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism and all virtuous faiths. If you mean to my website, in attendance is a page on "Cross & Tao" wherever Jesus Christ manifested to impart to us what is the human relationship between "Cross & Tao" by mistreatment a pane of A4 daily. The finish of collapsible and fierce of the fragment of A4 thesis will performance a declaration "HELL," the Chinese statement "Eternity (yong sern)," a "Crucifix or Cross" and the Chinese word "Tao." They are all affiliated to all new identical in its spiritual quality with USD1.00 Note.

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