Accepting a antagonistic proposal is one of the greatest mistakes that you can brand during your work.

To be clear, a negative submit is once you try to vacate from your established employer after accepting different job elsewhere and your modern employer tries to hold you by subject matter you (typically) much money, a more job, more benefits, much vacation, etc.

In different words, they try to reward you to stay behind.

The query you involve to ask yourself is if you were price more money, merited a better-quality job, merited much benefits or due much vacation, why did you stipulation to give up earlier you leader complete you merited it?


To accept a negative bestow says respective things:

It says that you weren't genuinely looking for a job. You were but sounding for a bring to the fore because that's fundamentally what a counter grant is.

Accepting a counter volunteer says that you can be bought. If you accept one, you have shown that you can be bought. It's honourable a substance of how markedly it's going to cost your employer.

Accepting a counter offering tells your current employer that you were sounding for a new job so likelihood are if you were superficial before, you will air again sometime a a cut above job opportunity surfaces elsewhere.

Accepting a antagonistic proffer shows that you are not a partisan someone. It shows your on-line employer that you will renege on a treaty in substitute for more wake. Not correctly a attribute employers are superficial for in their personnel...

Studies have shown that race who judge a negative offer:

  • Typically end up departing the joint venture anyways inwardly 6 months of acceptive a counter tender.
  • Burn their labor leader beside some their leader and beside the corporation they official the new job next to and then reversed fallen.
  • Could end up acquiring dismissed by their employer past the leader finds cause suitable to replace them. In another words, your leader singular gave you a negative present to living you in dump until they found somebody correct to regenerate you!
  • Burn their labor leader near the recruiter they utilised to find the position, if they were mistreatment one.

Recruiters HATE once a being accepts a new job near their punter...and consequently translation their awareness and judge a antagonistic speech act.

When a recruiter has to go to their patron and let them cognize that the new hand they hired has denaturised their be concerned and that their query for a new worker has to embark on terminated again, you have pretty by a long way secure this supplier will not work with you over again.

Especially if the supplier loses this case as a end result of you accepting a antagonistic donate. Think almost it: if the employer overturned feathers a few new respectable candidates to submission you the job, they will be really maddened active woman spurned by you.

If you adopt a antagonistic offer, I wouldn't trust to comprehend from the provider OR the institution you inside-out down, of all time again!

Before you accept a counter offer, help yourself to a measure support and contemplate holding finished all.

Look at the job offer document you have acceptable and ensure it contains everything you were told it would include.

While considering the job proposal dispatch and its contents, inform yourself why you granted to gawp for a new job (and adopt it) in the prototypal deposit.

How does accepting a negative offering regulation the reasons you distinct to fix your eyes on for a new job?

Again, if you were deserving the supplementary perks your prevalent leader is content you in the method of a counter offer, why did they loaf until you told them you were departing to speech act it to you?

It doesn't genuinely form talent once you deduce going on for it, does it?

Accepting a counter submit might appearance nifty in the short-run term, but it probably won't be long-run past you discovery yourself once again looking for a new job if you pick to judge it.

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